Huckleberries - All About Huckleberry Products

Huckleberries - All About Huckleberry Products

Ever since I first learned about huckleberries I have been fascinated with their use in so many delicious products. Huckleberries are native to the northwestern United States and are hard to find in other parts of the country. If you buy huckleberry jams, huckleberry syrups, huckleberry cocoa, or huckleberry candies then you know they make great gifts. But huckleberries have been used to flavor hundreds of different food products.

One of the sweetest teas I have ever tasted is the Huckleberry Tea you can buy from MarketSpice. The MarketSpice huckleberry teas are sold by other stores besides the MarketSpice store in Seattle's Pike Place Market. I have found these great huckleberry teas in the Made In Washington stores.

You can also find huckleberry jams in many supermarkets around Washingon, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana (the states where huckleberries are naturally found). Huckleberries grow in high mountain areas (above 2,000 feet) and have not yet become cultivated. Garden-variety huckleberries do not taste right. They are bitter and cannot be properly sweetened.

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